How to scan a Watchlist as weekly chart data rather than daily chart data?


When clicking "Analysis" then "Scan", how to scan as weekly chart data rather than daily chart data ?

For instance scanning a Watchlist to see what stocks have an upkey reversal pattern on the weekly bar chart rather than daily bar chart after programming an AFL code for the pattern.

I tried running a scan while viewing a weekly chart on the computer screen but the scan returns results based on daily rather than weekly data, and my eye is not seeing an option for daily / weekly anywhere on the scan page.

Also, how to the scan for other time lengths of bar charts than just daily or weekly, for instance scanning the data as if each bar is three days of price data rather than the single days of a daily chart or the usual five days within each bar of a weekly chart ?



@joe60609 you need to change the "periodicity" (from the dropdown list) in the Analysis Settings window that is displayed pressing this icon: image



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