How to select a watchlist quicker in the Analysis window Filter selection


I’m on Amibroker 6.30.5 64 bit version.

It takes 4 clicks to select a specific watchlist in the Analysis window Apply To - Filter option, is it possible to include the list of watchlists itself in the filter drop down, so that we can reduce the Filter selection operation to 2 clicks.

Searched the forum but couldn't find a relevant post or may be I missed.
(If not the above version, does the latest version of Amibroker has a option to achieve the above.)

Would appreciate any suggestions/solutions.

Karthik P

as far as I know .
create your own watch list name it save it .

when you select filter settings you will find your watch list included in the dropdown watch list .

thank you

Filter is much more flexible than just single watch list. It is multiple selection of different categories with AND/OR clauses between, therefore it needs a dialog.

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