How to set a correct BuyPrice on the same bar as StopTypeProfit


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I am investigating a FOREX scalping setup, and the critical code is;

H1 = HHV( H, t1 );
L1 = LLV( L, t1 );

Buy = H > Ref(  HHV( H, 10), -1 ) ;
BuyPrice = Ref(  HHV( H, 10), -1 );
Sell = Null;

prof = prof_atr * ATR( 50 );
loss = loss_atr * ATR( 50 );

ApplyStop( stopTypeProfit   , stopModePoint, prof, 1, 0, 0, 0 );
ApplyStop( stopTypeLoss  , stopModePoint, loss, 1, 0,0, 0 );

That is, it will enter Long if the price is higher then the highest since 10 bars. That works for the first trade. As how, Trade1 will enter a stopTypeProfit on bar 12 (example.. ). Bar 12 will also trigger a new Buy signal. The problem is that the Buyprice in real life will be one of the following;

  1. If stopTypeProfit is lover then "Ref( HHV( H, 10), -1 )" => no problem, the new buy will have a correct BuyPrice.
  2. If the stopTypeProfit is higher then the " Ref( HHV( H, 10), -1 ) " => a problem, as the BuyPrice now will be lower then the real life situation. The buyprice should be the old Bar 12 stopTypeProfit level + slip + spread .

So how can I check if the Buy signal comes on the same bar as a stopTypeProfit , and if so, have a BuyPrice that is the old exit price (plus my slip etc) ..


BR Oppz

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