How to set analysis parameters in batch file?

Hi all,
I’d like to run a backtest and exploration from a batch file with certain parameter settings that are not default. If I understand it correctly, you save an analysis, where ‘Apply to filter’, Date Range are selected, to an .apx file. When I later run the analysis, filter and date range are correct, but all analysis parameters seem to be set to their defaults even though I had set them to other values when saving the .apx.
Is there a way to alter analysis parameters from a batch command, say to run the same analysis multiple time with different parameter values?

I’ve reread the help and I can’t see any other solution than to edit the analysis afl code and change the parameter default values to what is required to run the batch job.
I really wanted to avoid changing the analysis code.
If anyone knows a way to save parameter values in the .apx I’d be grateful.

Well, IMHO there is no other way than modifying the apx itself. If we think about it the batch runner is just executing the code that is given to it. Simple as that.
Now, you have the option save multiple apx files with different settings and just run them one after another - or create a script that will change the parameters from a template apx.

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To achieve that, instead of Param() functions, simply generate text file with

your_param1 = 19;
your_param2 = 20;

and in your formula use

#include "thepath\your_param_file.txt"

Then you can use batch to modify your_param_file.txt

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Many thanks Tomasz!

That is a nice and simple solution.

Without modifying the code I can include a Pause in the batch file after loading the apx and then manually change parameter settings before executing the rest.
This defeats the purpose of using batch in the first place, I know, but I can use it as a temporary workaround.

Hi Guys,

I have same problem trying to run Exploration passes on an AFL for exporting list of results, but in this case instead of a Param() function It has a ParamList as a parameter Analysis. Each ParamList actives a different group of signals used for the exploration. So i would like to execute it on the Bach and export every ParamList result separately.
Is there a way to do that? I mean, without creating several AFL versions, one for each ParamList, for feeding the Batch.
Maybe on the of the APX file would be nice to be able of including /Options when executing the Exploration, so you can use several APX each one with their own Paramlist option.