How to share drawings but not parameters?


Is there a way to Paste Special so that different charts share drawings and parameters are independent?


You can store GFX co-ordinates onto StaticVars from one chart to use those in others.

Parameters are independent by default across different charts.

Short answer is NO. Both are connected to ChartID. If chartID is the same, it shares parameters and drawings (but drawings are obviously PER-SYMBOL too).

What you can do is to use DIFFERENT LAYERS and hide the drawings you don't want to see at the moment.


Thanks for the information, I have been using layers a little bit and it's helpful. Is their a way to group all drawings on a chart to change to a different layer or is that something that needs to be done under properties? I do a bit of annotating and it becomes time consuming, but still doable. It still is different then removing a parameters link where intra-day functions clutter longer time-frame charts, for example. I'm sure your plate is full, perhaps a future version might have a modified "paste special" to allow what to include. Amibroker is so amazing and I appreciate all your hard work, so thank you much.

I haven't tried to tackle static vars yet. It does sound interesting. I mostly use draw tools on charts but haven't done a search on that topic, so I'll try there next.
thanks for the help

You should place intraday drawings into intraday layer
and longer term drawings in daily/weekly/monthly layer

That way they will not interfere with each other and LAYERS are SPECIFICALLY provided for that purpose.

And NO there is no need for any unlinking - it would make absolutely NO SENSE. Drawings must be linked to given chart AND symbol and that is exactly how it is done.

Functionality for de-cluttering charts EXISTS already. Use LAYERS they are EXACTLY FOR THIS.

You guys seriously under appreciate the design of AmiBroker. All you need to do is to learn how to use it.

As always everything is covered in this fine manual: