How to shift charts to the left side

when I am trying to auto hide the charts windows it is shifting to the top instead of to the left.
I am trying to place it to the left but not succeeding . can any one suggest how to do that
or restore to the default setting thanks in advance I have attached the image.
Bijoy padhi

You mean the window on the left? Drag it by the top and it will give a selection to drop it on left, top, bottom, right.

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press key "end" in your keyboard and the chart will move to the left

yes option is showing but as my cursor is at the top of charts windw as soon as I am attempting to move to the center for attempting click at the left hand arrow mark at the center the charts window is also is also moving with it and clicking at the left arrow mark nothing happening. is there no option for restoring default setting.

when i am pressing end key the main chart which is opened is shifting to left.

I’m confused because looking at it, it’s on the left. You don't have it pinned so its going to overlap the chart. Resize the chart if you want it to not overlap even when on autohidden.

You say its on top but here's a screen of mine pinned to top.


and to the side

sir thanks very much for your help I have reinstalled amibroker and default settings are restored.
I was little confused and thought there might be any method for restoring default setting
searched the internet it consumed a lot of time of mine. However thank you for your initiative in
helping me.