How to Sync chart date&time appart ticker and timeframe

When using exploration or backtesting, the Result list can be sync with the selected ticker according to many of you described here: a double click or apply 'sync chart on select'. That is fine.

But I miss the automatic focus on the chart at the date and time I selected. It is always have to scroll and search for the given bar listed in Results. It would be a huge time saver to sync (hairline focus on it) Date/Time data appart the ticker and the Timeframe.

Thanks a lot

Have you tried by pressing SHIFT Key and Double-Click the trade row in BT results.
It has been taking me to that trade all the time.

@hunsabre - minimum supported version is 6.0

I purchased the upgrade (6.30), but this SHIFT+Double click thing do not work to focus the trade.

Focus means, put the hairline at the selected backest or exploration date with centering the window to the hairline.

Follow the Knowledge Base article. Use right click menu

And no "hairline" does not appear. Arrows appear. Only after backtest and only if backtest report mode is "Trade List". You have to select the line (make it blue) then use right click.

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