How to transfer IB price information to Amibroker

I am doing trading in IB. I would like to transfer some price information about Oil futures from my IB to my Amibroker platform, so that I can write programs to automate it.

Any hints?

Hi Roger,
What is that price information you want to pass to Amibroker?

If you want to pass average price of position from IB, call the relevant method of IBController .....say ibc.GetPositionInfo(Ticker, "Ave. Cost")

if you want to get BidPrice, AskPrice , LastTradedPrice....etc? You get it from your datafeed source by using the function GetRTData(''Last''). More details at....GetRTData(''fieldname'')

If your data provider is giving you only OHLC,OI,V but not other price information like 52 week high etc...then you may not get from IB as IBController has only 21 basic methods to manage conventional trading. It does not have methods to get such data!!