How to Transfer Trend Line and Other 'Studies' from Laptop to Desktop PC

I mistakenly deleted 12 or so tickers from a database on my desktop computer. It was no problem re-loading them but I lost all of my trend lines and other ‘Studies’ for these tickers. I have all of these ‘Studies’ on my laptop but cannot figure out how to move them to the desktop as well. I copied the ticker symbols needed from the database on the laptop to the same place on the desktop but this did not work.

How does one copy the ‘Studies’ from a laptop to a desktop for the same database? Thanks

Have you tried copying the Default.awl file from laptop to desktop?
Make a copy of the file on the desktop prior to replacing it, for insurance.

You need to copy:

  1. Data files from the database
  2. broker.newcharts file and Layout files

See this:

Next time, make sure you are just making backup of ENTIRE AmIBroker folder.


Yes and thank you. When backing up, I do all of AmiBroker directory. I mistakenly deleted a few ticker that I added Studies to AFTER I created the backup. Opps. Again, thanks for the help.

By the way, am getting used to the new forum. Cool!!


here How to export hand-drawn studies I asked for a different thing but my question was considered similar to this thread so I continue here:

I am not asking how to transfer MY whole setup to an other MY pc , or recovering from a backup, I asked how to SHARE hand-drawn studies with other people. Of course I can’t ask to someone to overwrite their own broker.newcharts file with mine…

Maybe it is simply not possible

if possible, second step was how to import the hand-drawn studies on securuties that have different symbol due to different data provider but are substantially the same stuff? i.e. dax dec17 is FDAX DEC 17-DTB-FUT-EUR for IB and XGZ17 for IQfeed

thanks again and sorry for misunderstandig if it was my fault

The only way is presented in my earlier reply in this thread. There is no other way and no other method.

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