How to turn off alphabetical processing by the Explorer?

When we Explorer a watchlist the tickers are processed in alphabetical order and not in the order the tickers are listed in the Watchlist. This is not a display issue.

Is there an option to turn off the alphabetical order of processing by the explorer and process the tickers in the order they occur in the Watchlist?



This is not feasible for number of reasons:

  • in multithreaded execution there are NO guarantees on order of execution because threads run in PARALLEL, not sequentially.
  • multiple watch lists can be selected in Filter and each can have different order

So threads are generally started in alphabetic order, but as written in first point there are no guarantees.

Instead of relying on fixed execution order which is not realistic, sort symbols afterwards using SetSortColumns function.

Thank you! It's nice to know how it works.

Best regards!