How to turn off gridlines using AFL

After spending countless hours programming the gfx* version of the point and figure chart using layers, etc., I now discovered that you can actually turn off the gridlines in the preference setting. My question is: can this be done using AFL ? please direct me to the proper AFL function to turn off these settings. Thanks.

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hello @Clipper

Yes, in AFL the Grid lines are in the third parameter of SetChartOptions() function

examples below

SetChartOptions( Mode = 0, Flags = 0, gridFlags = 0) ;


SetChartOptions(1, chartShowArrows|chartDisableTooltips,gridFlags = 0);

Thank you kindly. :smiley:

I tried these 2 options out, and have discovered that these options only turn off the horizontal gridFlags, but the vertical gridFlags are still there intact. I am going through the other options to see if I can find one to turn off the vertical grids. Thanks.

GfxSetOverlayMode( 2 ) allows you to turn off everything

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Hi Tomasz, yes, I understood GfxSetOverlayMode( 2 ); can turn off everything, I already have my gfx* version of the point and figure chart done. I thought I can just selectively turn off the grids so I can put everything in the default layer and then use the default selector lines, tool tips, etc., (in the first layer). If I turn everything off, then I have to reimplement the whole thing from scratch. :smiley:

Can you try something like this with switch to see if is ok for this afl (i mean for your project)

// this afl is an idea only, and not tested

_N( ModeType=	ParamList("ModeType","Gfx|Lin|Log",0));
switch( ModeType )
case "Gfx":

case "Lin": GfxSetOverlayMode(0);
    SetChartOptions( Mode = 0, Flags = 0, gridFlags = 0) ;

case "Log": GfxSetOverlayMode(0);
    SetChartOptions( 2, chartLogarithmic, chartGridMiddle | chartGridMargins );

default: GfxSetOverlayMode(2);

Hi again, sorry, I didn't tried the GfxSetOverlayMode(2); option because my plan is not to use the GfxSetOverlayMode(2); option so that I can use the selector lines in the default layer. So Option 1 and Option 3 presented above are both option 3, my mistake in taking the chart picture.

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