How to turn off showing the plot price Levels at the top of the chart


How to turn off plotting the levels showing at the top of the chart?
Any help would be appreciated.

Plot(Midpoint, "Mid Point",colorBlue,styleLine);
Plot(a, "PrvHigh",colorYellow,styleLine);
Plot(b, "Prvlow",colorYellow,styleLine);
//Plot(Buy1, "Buy Abv",colorBrightGreen,styleDashed);
//Plot(Sell1, "Sell Blw",colorRed,styleDashed);
//Plot(Buy2, "Buy Abv 1",colorPink,styleline);
//Plot(Sell2, "Sell Blw 1",colorPink,styleline);

Plot(Buytgt1, "Buy Tgt 1",colorOrange,styleLine);
Plot(Buytgt2, "Buy Tgt 2",colorOrange,styleLine);
Plot(selltgt1, "sell Tgt 1",colorOrange,styleLine);
Plot(selltgt2, "sell Tgt 2",colorOrange,styleLine);

Gloria Filamino

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Hello Gloria.

Just add styleNoTitle to your Plots. Like this:

Plot(Midpoint, "Mid Point",colorBlue,styleLine|styleNoTitle);

There are many other possible combinations:

Style is a combination of one or more of following values:

styleLine = 1 - normal (line) chart (default)
styleHistogram = 2 - histogram chart
styleThick =4 - fat (thick)
styleDots = 8 - include dots
styleNoLine = 16 - no line
styleDashed = 32 - dashed line style
styleCandle = 64 - candlestick chart
styleBar = 128 - traditional bar chart
styleNoDraw = 256 - no draw (perform axis scaling only)
styleStaircase = 512 - staircase (square) chart
styleSwingDots = 1024 - middle dots for staircase chart
styleNoRescale = 2048 - no rescale
styleNoLabel = 4096 - no value label
stylePointAndFigure = 8192 - point and figure
(new in 4.20):
styleArea = 16384 - area chart (extra wide histogram)
styleOwnScale = 32768 - plot is using independent scaling
styleLeftAxisScale = 65536 - plot is using left axis scale (independent from right axis)
styleNoTitle - do not display values of this plot in the chart title
styleCloud - cloud style (area between high and low arrays) - to be used with PlotOHLC function
styleClipMinMax - clip (do not paint) area between min and max levels - note this style is incompatible with printers and WMF (metafiles).
styleGradient - (new in 5.60) - gradient area chart. Upper gradient color is specified by color parameter in Plot() function, bottom gradient color is either background color or can be defined using SetGradientFill function. styleGradient can be combined with styleLine


Thanks Milosz…

It worked like charm.