How to undo split action from my mistake ???

I specify the date for splitting symbol mistakenly as the following screenshot.

How to undo this action.

The last question, I would like to delete such a symbol and restore it with original data of this recently deleted symbol. how to restore it???? not want import entirely database

Thank you for this support.

Do reverse split (reverse ratio).

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@technqvi, in case you want to recover/download again some data series, AmiQuote can either download all the symbols in your database or only the ones you will select.

  • Launch AmiQuote (with an instance of AmiBroker open with the database you want to update).
  • Select the menu option "Tools->GetTickers from AmiBroker"
  • Then "Edit->Unmark All"
  • Select one by one the checkboxes for the tickers you want to download again
  • Check the "From" and "To" dates
  • Verify to have enabled the "Automatic import" checkbox
  • Press the green arrow button to start the download process
  • When done, close AmiQuote

Go to AmiBroker and check the downloaded symbols.
Save the database data when you exit the application.

Please, NOTE that this is valid ONLY if the symbol is still present in the database. If this is not the case, you must add it to the database (before the above procedure) entering the ticker in the text box where you select the current symbol to display in your charts:


confirming that you actually want to add it to your database:


This request will show up only if in your preferences dialog (tab "Miscellaneous") you set this option:


(or the alternative "Add it automatically" - that will skip the confirmation dialog).

Otherwise, you should use other ways like creating a .tls file of the symbols to download/add to your database.


I am beginner Amibroker developer so I use importing offline data (csv file) to amibroker database rather than online downloading as the figure shown below , moreover I don't buy AmiQuote yet (I plan to buy it in the near future.) .
1.Are there any way to fix this problem in addition to using AmiQuote?
2.Is it possible for me to create a csv file of the accidentally deleted symbol? however For this way, it is inevitable to collect a huge data for creating csv file before importing it again.

@technqvi, it is a bit more work.

For example, you can download a single ticker historical data (EOD) from Yahoo (selecting an appropriate range of dates) or any other data source that will allow you to save a time series in the .cvs format.

If you use Yahoo, open the file with a text editor and remove the first line (the column headers), replacing it with the ASCII import instruction to define the ticker (XYZ in the following line):


Save the modified text file, whose first lines, will resemble the following sample:

2018-06-07,22.900000,22.900000,22.600000,22.600000,22.600000,11088500 2018-06-08,22.600000,22.900000,22.400000,22.700001,22.700001,9438200 2018-06-11,22.700001,23.100000,22.500000,22.900000,22.900000,16729100

Now open AmiBroker. From the "File" menu select the "Import Wizard" and import the data (for details about its usage see the documentation).

For Yahoo .csv files you will need to change the fields order:


If you use another data source, proceed similarly to prepare a file (or more files) ready to be imported via the Import Wizard and define the fields order as needed.

Read also the Import ASCII specifications if you have to deal with additional fields or a particular date format.

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I will try as your advice, thank you for fixing

how tcan i find reverse split (reverse ratio) in amibroker??
I just find symbol->split