How to use a Portfolio Equity created in a database in another database

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I would appreciate some help with the following:

I have two systems, one is run using a Tiingo Database and the other one using Yahoo database.
When I run them I created the portfolio equity of each one of the Systems using the Custom backtest procedures, and I can see the portfolio equity curve in each of the databases, so they are properly created.

My question: is it posible to import into a database a portfolio equity created in another database. I am asking this because I would like to compare them , see their correlation etc.

I tried to get the Symbol (~~~IA MES VALORES) created for the equity curve from the folder of the database where it was created ( within Amibroker Program File) and copy and pasted in the corresponding folder of the other database . But it does not work, when I go to the other database it does not show up in the symbol list.

Any idea???

Thanks a lot in advance.

@Eddie, Instead of trying to copy the symbol, why not Export to .csv and then import it into other database.

This way you can control the Name or ticker symbol you export and import into.

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First create empty Symbol ~~~IA MES VALORES in the

... (via Symbol -> New).

Then save and close that "other DB" and copy symbol file from original DB and overwrite the 2 KB symbol file of "new" (other) DB.
Then reload...

...and select the copied symbol. Quotes should be there then.

Alternative method (if there are more than one symbol):
If it is more than one symbol then copy them from original DB to new DB (without creating symbols via Symbol -> New before) and after being finished delete the Broker.master file of the new (other) DB before (re-)loading it. Then load that "other database" and symbol list will be updated there. If that updating process is finished go to File - Save database.

It is slower process than just copying it over. Also by copying symbol file you can copy over studies to new DB since they are saved in symbol file (in addition check/copy required Layouts (local or gobal)).

Thank you very much Snoopy .

Thansk fxshrat , I like a lot too. Both of them are very usefull. Best

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