How to use debugger in amibroker 6.00.1?

can anybody give me code sample or why debug option is there in amibroker 6.00.1 ?

Debugger is officially available starting from version 6.10

can u just give me steps to use trace function in afl ?
like code snipllet
thanks in advance

Read this

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a search in this forum for “_TRACE” will find many sample/snippets that use the _TRACE/_TRACEF function.
While the actual code samples maybe a bit too complex for a beginner, you should get an idea and then try for yourself to use it.

I use it quite frequently; some code samples I posted are in these threads:

Optimization using multiple indicators here I use it in switch statement as a “placeholder” for some code that I still have to write to verify that each case is called by my other main code

Correlation Matrix (in this one I use a function to actually enable/disabled trace with a parameter)

Loop between specific dates - used to verify if there is any gap in a loop of dates (and to test how fast is the code)

How to count the frequency of each element of array used at the bottom of the formula in combination with GetPerformanceCounter() again to test the performance of some code.

And more by other users!!!

Check also this thread:

BackTest Commentary where I posted the current valid link for Sysinternals DebugView and also for an alternative tool if you want to use _TRACE with an external viewer.