How to use different font sizes for different text in ABC Text Box


I m using the ABC text box to mark my Elliotte on the chart. My problem is that the ABC text box tool provided has no option to change the font size. It does not have any options to change the font size.

Is there any other way I can change the font size of the text I record (quickly).
I think this is a must-have feature... please help.



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It uses chart Axis font preferences setting (Tools->Preferences, "Miscellaneous" tab)

I'm looking for changing font for Individual text boxes on chart. This will change the entire font size.


This feature may be added in future versions


Hi Tomasaz,

It would be of a great help to old school traders who write a lot and mark all type of Elliott waves by hand,
It inevitable for them. This addition would make this fantastic software super duper fantastic and more user-friendly for old school traders.


Many, many AB users waiting for this feature.
Thanks Tomasz!

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It is available in 6.39.0 AmiBroker 6.39.0 RC released