How to use gurufocus fundamental data?

I want to know how to import fundamental data using gurufocus data

I already import fundamental data from gurufocus

but I want to know how to using it in my formula and make it appear in information window.

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What you have there is JSON format.
So you may convert it to CSV.

Or extract particular data you need yourself via AFL (String manipulation functions). (Also there are JSON libraries in the Internet)

To import appropriate fundamental single values to DB read here
or read/extract data from CSV file.

For storing historical fundamentals you may use ODBC (to access external non-native AmiBroker DB).


can I get an example how to extract particular data to use it in my formula

like to search in 1050.Gurufocus file for "PE" and extract the data between " " to use it in my formula

Thank You,,

any Ideas or examples,,,,