How to use Telechart / TC2000 data feed

How to use data from TeleChart in AmiBroker

In order to connect AmiBroker to TeleChart database ( – the following steps are required:

  1. Install 32-bit version of AmiBroker. Only 32-bit version will work, because TC only offers 32-bit API for connection.

  2. It is also needed to have TeleChart version 7 installed (aka TC 2007), because newest releases of TeleChart software don’t offer any connectivity from outside. TeleChart 7 is available for download from:

  3. Once both programs are installed and the database is configured in TeleChart – the only required task is to configure AmiBroker to read data from TC. The configuration process is presented in this video:

  4. (Update Feb 2018): Apparently you need to have TC2000 GOLD subscription to access TC version 7.

In case of any connectivity issues or incorrect/incomplete data – sometimes (when TeleChart installation is broken), a clean installation of TC is required. The detailed information regarding clean install procedure is available at:

Additional background about database concepts and general way how such setup works is explained in the following tutorial chapter:

New information: on 64-bit Windows, it seems that Worden changed the registry keys again and now instead of:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Wow6432Node\Worden Brothers inc\TeleChart 2007

they are creating this key:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Wow6432node\Worden Brothers inc\TC2000 Version 7\7.00.0000

Problem is that this is breaking change.

To unbreak things you have to manually create required key:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Wow6432Node\Worden Brothers inc\TeleChart 2007

Hi Thomasz,

This link doesn't load, since flash play is now disabled online. (tc2k)

Where can we see written instructions on how to setup TC2000 plug in for Amibroker.
Can you please provide some assistance on this issue.


Written instructions are in the very first post in this thread and here: How to use AmiBroker with external data source (Quotes Plus, TC2000, Metastock)

Hi Thomasz, Thank you for the fast reply.

I read the instructions, however it's stated: "Once you've installed TC2000 and Amibroker just watch this video: .... " and the video desn't load.

I am trying to create a database, but in the dropdown menu i don't see TC2000 as an option. I did a fresh reinstall of TC2000, but the problem remains unsolved. It's unclear which link to follow to install TC2000 plug in. Is this plug in downloadable from TC2000's website or somewhere else?

Best Regards,

Re-read this thread from the beginning. Really everything is there.
You have to follow each step from the FIRST POST.

Last but not least:

Your user account isn't marked with License verified badge. Did you purchase AmiBroker license?

Only users with License verified badge are allowed to post on this forum.

So before posting, make sure you verify your license as explained here.

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I assume there is no longer a TC2000 data plug-in as it does not appear in the latest version of Ami 6.49.1. Is this correct?

@AnotherBrian, the TC2000 plugin is still present in the 32-bit version (I suppose it is a limit of the rather old TC2007 application used to get the data).

Please, see more details in the past thread.


As @beppe wrote - TC2000 is 32-bit program and 32-bit programs can only be accessed from other 32-bit programs, so you need to install 32-bit AmiBroker as it features 32-bit plugin that only can talk to 32-bit TC2000.

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Thanks for the information, it's all working. I've discovered TC2000 V7 only offers daily data - I'm a Gold subscriber. I was hoping for aat least 15 minute bars. Way better than using yahoo though!