How to use the Aux1 , Aux2 field in AFL

Data Quote has two fields aux1, aux2, we use the data plugin we wrote in tick data, aux1 put Bid price, aux2 put Ask price, we want to count the volume of close = aux1 every minute, close = aux2 Volume, how can I write this afl?

in AFL you can refer to them using Aux1 and Aux2 identifiers

TKs , I can use the aux1 and aux2 to count buy Value and Sell Value


buyValue = iif( C <= Aux1, Volume, 0);
Plot( Volume, _DEFAULT_NAME(), IIf( C <= Aux1, ParamColor("Up Color", colorGreen ), ParamColor("Down Color", colorRed ) ), ParamStyle( "Style", styleHistogram | styleThick, maskHistogram  ) );

as i know , in this case I must use the tick interval chart ,

How can i use the buyvalue to 1 minute chart