How to use this site

Search the forum

It is good idea to search the forum before asking same questions over and over. To search the forum just use magnifying glass icon in the upper right corner

Also it is good idea to use Google and add to your search term to limit the output to content of web site. Doing so will include results from Knowledge Base and Users' Guide

Enter the AFL code properly

It is of utmost importance as improperly formatted code results in syntax errors.

Start code block with three back-ticks ``` and end the code block with three back-ticks too, like shown below. All you need to do is to

Just press </> button then paste or type your formula.


Send your question ONCE and only in ONE channel

If you sent your question on the forum, don't send the same question over email to support and vice versa, if you sent the email to support, don't send on the forum. Creating duplicates means a lot of unnecessary work for us and is considered vandalism. Duplicates are deleted without notice.

Make your question clear and provide necessary information

When asking a question, imagine yourself as you were to answer your question. Is your question clear enough? Does it include ALL necessary information (screenshots, formula) that is required for person who wants to help you, to know what the problem is, without seeing your computer screen? Do not leave the room for the guessing work.

Be polite when asking questions. Use proper grammar and avoid spelling mistakes.

Adding Screenshots or Other Media to Your Post

If you wish to use a screenshot in your post to clarify your issue, first capture it using the built-in Windows Snipping Tool or other screen capture software such as Pickpic (freeware). You can also create short animated GIFs to illustrate your issue using ScreenToGif (donationware).

Make sure to trim and/or optimize your picture for size before uploading. The forum will NOT accept uploads greater than 1MB and 5megapixels in size. Do NOT use phone camera to take screenshots.

To place an image in your post, copy it to your Windows clipboard, then simply paste it to your post by pressing CTRL-V on your keyboard, and it will be added and displayed at the current cursor position.

This also works if you paste URL links to images, documents or other media stored online, plus URLs of videos from hosts such as YouTube.

Use AmiBroker 6.0 or higher

Versions lower than 6.0 are not supported.

Do not post links to DLL plugins or other 3rd party executables

For security reasons we do not allow posting links to DLLs (plugins) or third party executables. Posts containing those will be deleted.

Accessing Your Preferences page

  • Click on your account icon (upper right corner with your avatar or first letter of your name)
  • Click on the Preferences button

Alternatively you can navigate to: (works only if you are logged in)

Changing black theme to white

In your Preferences, click on Interface and change Theme there to "Default" which is white theme

Changing e-mail preferences

In your Preferences, click on EMail and you will see plenty of email settings there

Accessing forum from dedicated Discourse mobile app


Of course you can just use web browser on your mobile phone

How to watch category - see this

Other basic operations - see this

Keyboard shortcuts


When making changes in your profile…


Otherwise the selected updates are lost.

Guess how I figured that one out (again!!).


I would like to known where the “stay logged in” box is located.

It’s a pain to keep logging in

It stays by default unless you clear cookies or log out

Might it be your browser?

I have read on other sites that it may at times be due to your browser. I am using Chrome (Win 10) on desktop and iPhone uses it own version of Safari and both stay logged in unless I deliberately “Log Out”.


PS wouldn’t this question be better on a different topic thread, like how to use the new forum (as this has nothing to do with “Suggest new categories”)?

Does the site permit us to load WORD files or PDF (or I guess even EXCEL) files? Or is it perhaps a security risk for user with respect to virus’ etc?

I have in the “learn afl” posts often referred to the many years of TASC articles (just the ones that TJ has coded into afl’s) as learning examples. And I keep a WORD document that I update each month with the title and date of the monthly “Trader’s Tips” article. I thought it may be of use to the forum to have the list of titles that would correspond to the codes found at, and then the community could add comments or reviews of any articles they found useful etc.

There would be no actual articles (respect copyright) but a list of titles and a line or two regarding the subject mater.

I could just “copy and paste” into a forum post the titles if anyone was interested and if no WORD/PDF 's are permitted but it would make for a very long post. Or of course if no one is interested just scrap the idea.


Yes there is a security risk about MS Office files that can contain macros and malicious content, but that is not the main issue. Posting PDF and Word docs is not recommended as their content can not be searched using forum search.
Opposed to Yahoo groups where search simply does not work, here search works nice and content can be found quickly using tags, categories, full text search and so on.


Selecting URL’s within Posts

Clicking on the URL takes you directly to the website address - and away from the Amibroker Community Forum. In other words you will have to click ‘Back’ to return to the forum.

Could I recommend that ‘clicking’ the URL automatically opens a newTab within the users browser? Thus retaining the forum display, and avoiding the necessity of using a right-button click and then clicking again to open the URL address.

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I particularly like the keyboard shortcut Shift-? which pops up the screen showing the keyboard shortcuts.
Shift-? for everyone! :beer:


Bluedog, opening URLs in a new tab is available as an option in your preferences.

Your avatar on the top right > Gear icon > Preferences > interface


Thanks for that HelixTrader - didn’t spot that one.

This software seems to have many bells and whistles, and I’m enjoying it far more than I ever did with Yahoo Groups.


Users' panel : the meaning of Topics Viewed versus Posts Read.

Concerning Users' panel :
I was searching for the meaning of Topics Viewed versus Posts Read.
I found the following

Humor is never far, the TechnoBear' second post is worth its weight of peanuts.

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“Flagging” vs “Bookmarking”?? Again, searched for answer on this, but found nothing. Searching seems like it is valuable for searching “User inputs/messages”. Searching on features of site not so much. Is there another site where they explain the details of Discourse and where searching will reveal answers to site use??

I so far have determined that “Bookmarking” seems to display (with g.b") all of MY bookmarks. That is good. What are flags and how do they work, their benefits, etc.?
Thanks again for helping me understand all of the features of this great forum. Such a pleasure after Yahoo Groups.

Flagging seems like a "bad" thing, i.e. someone has a problem with the post and is trying to get the OP attention, or the moderator.

And favorite vs Like vs Bookmark discussion,

I think these two posts summarize it well,

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A bug in code tag?

In the code listing below with code tag, note that the first "for" loop loses its indentation, but not the block inside.

if(Status("action") == actionPortfolio)
    bo = GetBacktesterObject();
    // Run default backtest procedure without generating the trade list
    // Initialize accumulation variables
    sumATRPnL =  countATRPnL = 0;
    sumATRPnLWin = countATRPnLWin = 0;
    sumATRPnLLoss = countATRPnLLoss = 0;
    maxATRPnL = minATRPnL = 0;

    // Iterate through closed trades
    for (trade = bo.GetFirstTrade(); trade; trade = bo.GetNextTrade())
        ATRPnL = AddATRPnL(trade);

    // Iterate through open positions
    for (trade = bo.GetFirstOpenPos(); trade; trade = bo.GetNextOpenPos())
        ATRPnL = AddATRPnL(trade);

    // Generate trade list

    // Custom Statistics on ATR PnL
    avgATRPnL = IIf(countATRPnL < 1, 0.0, SumATRPnL / countATRPnL);
    avgATRPnLWin = IIf(countATRPnLWin < 1, 0.0, SumATRPnLWin / countATRPnLWin);
    avgATRPnLLoss = IIf(countATRPnLLoss < 1, 0.0, SumATRPnLLoss / countATRPnLLoss);
    bo.AddCustomMetric("Avg Trade (ATR)", avgATRPnL);
    bo.AddCustomMetric("Avg Win (ATR)", avgATRPnLWin);
    bo.AddCustomMetric("Avg Loss (ATR)", avgATRPnLLoss);
    bo.AddCustomMetric("ATR Profit Factor", -avgATRPnLWin / avgATRPnLLoss);
    bo.AddCustomMetric("Best Trade (ATR)", maxATRPnL);
    bo.AddCustomMetric("Worst Trade (ATR)", minATRPnL);

What it looks like in AFL Editor:

I’ve figured out a workaround to the formatting bug. AFL editor by default has no tab. However, the parser that parses the code tags assumes all following lines will follow that indentation. It’s a bug. The workaround is to have no blank lines a code block to preserve consistent indentation. One can use comment line to separate different logic sub-parts of a code block. Come of think of it, perhaps this is not a bug, but a feature to force programmer to comment code more. :wink:

A request/question to Tomasz: Is it possible to overwrite the 10 minute or no more edit setting currently in this forum? Being a slow but perfectionist editor means I often cannot make the deadline to fix up my posts – syntax, grammar, code formatting being the latest.