How to watch variables while doing bar replay


I want to watch variables while doing bar replay. How to check that?
If i want to know the variable values of my AFL between 10:00 to 10:05 period .How to check this one.

Check out printf, _TRACE, TRACEF.

printf(  "Date: %s, Close price: %g", DateTimeToStr(SelectedValue(DateTime())),SelectedValue(C) );
_TRACE( "!CLEAR!" );
_TRACEF(  "Date: %s, Close price: %g", DateTimeToStr(SelectedValue(DateTime())),SelectedValue(C) );

Adding a variable to the Chart Title and watching closely it's value changes on chart through Bar Replay was my favorite. Now gonna add the code lines provided by @codejunkie above. Thank you @codejunkie .

Hi.. @NowToLook I also want to observe the variables through Chart title.Below is my code. But arrays are not allowed in GfxTextOut function .Then how to watch values in Buy array.

GfxTextOut(Buy, x+600, y+10 );

Hi.. @NowToLook Adding to the above how to run bar replay with debug mode.Means can you tell me how to run line by line for each bar reply interval.

Was talking about: