How to Write a BOL Band using by EMA instead of MA?

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Please help me that how to Write a Bollinger Band formula using by EMA instead of MA ?

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Bollinger Bands is just adding/subtracting standard deviation to/from some MA.
So nothing magically about it.

/// BBands using EMA instead of MA
/// @link
P = C;
period = 20;
width = 2;
myMa = EMA( P, period );
StdDev= width*Stdev( P, period );
bandTop = myMa + StdDev;
bandBot = myMa - StdDev;

Plot( C, "Price", colorDefault, styleBar );

Plot( myMa, "EMA", colorLime, styleDashed );
Plot( bandTop, "EMA BBTop", ColorRed, styleLine );
Plot( bandBot, "EMA BBBottom", ColorRed, styleLine);

It is worth noting that StDev measures deviation of sample of finite length, the same way as simple moving average MA measures average (expected value) of sample of finite length.

EMA on the other hand is a infinite response filter, which means that it takes infinite number of samples to produce the value (due to its recursive formulation) and as such is quite a different beast than MA and purists would say that using it with standard deviation isn't 100% correct thing (at least from purely mathematical point of view).


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@graceleung there was a slight variation on the concept in Stocks & Commodities magazine in the Feb 2017 issue,"Exponential Standard Deviation Bands" and it is coded into afl by @Tomasz here


And also, please help me that I want to use the following EMA of Bollinger band formula to write a stylehistogram indicator in afl ? (for chart pic., see attached picture)YELLOW%20BAR%2020190321




EMA8 = EMA(Close, 8);
EMA20 = EMA(Close, 20);

P = C;
period = 20;
width = 2;
myMa = EMA( P, period );
StdDev= width*Stdev( P, period );
bandTop = myMa + StdDev;
bandBot = myMa - StdDev;

//Plot( C, "Price", colorDefault, styleBar );
//Plot( myMa, "EMA", colorLime, styleDashed );
//Plot( bandTop, "EMA BBTop", ColorRed, styleLine );
//Plot( bandBot, "EMA BBBottom", ColorRed, styleLine);

Hist = EMA8-EMA20 ;// ((bandTop+bandBot)/2)
Plot(0,"", colorWhite);
Title = "Histogram " + WriteVal(Hist);


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I'm very apologize Sir, I've been tried my best before asking yours, my English not very well, not really understood all of the rules on this forum…… I've clarify that it is my idea and the formula is my programmer writter for me, but we do not know how to write in afl ?
I 'm so sorry to you again, I'll try to write by myself again and thank you for yrs assistant !

Start here:

Good catch Tomasz, you 100% right. portfoliobuilders link to your code below is the correct answer!