Hurst Cycles System

Can someone guide me where can I get some help for coding Hurst Cycle Trading system that covers phasing, FLD, VTL and drawing sine-waves/semicircles (I am not talking about AFL code for Hurst Channel and Hurst Exponent, they are available).
Thank you

Then please visit this forum. Also a book is available on the subject.

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HI Cougar, thank you for your reply. But that forum you suggested is of Sentient Trader users. I am looking for link/guide or help from amibroker programmers/traders.

@rvdesh please be specific, the subject is ambiguous.

The topic is very specific "Hurst Cycle Trading System that covers phasing, FLD, VTL and drawing sine-waves/semicircles". I will be more specific once I get to know someone who has done related work in Amibroker.

@rvdesh, Hurst defines the calculation for these, so you should be able to easily do them yourself.

FLD is essentially a centred moving average. VTL is a bit more complex. And as Hurst defined the principles of Variability, drawing the sine waves / semi-circles is a bit more difficult.

I just build a series of phasing diamonds.

Of course the best thing to do is post your own code and ask for help when you are stuck.

Hi snoopy.pa30,
Thank you for your time. I am thorough with Hursts Trading System. I am not that good at coding and hence was seeking help or resources. Notwithstanding, your point is taken. I will start a step at a time from now and try coding!!