Hybrid rotational system with buy sell signals


I have a sort of hybrid buy/sell with rotational strategy I am trying to develop and hopefully back test. Basically it is portfolio of say 10 stocks on weekly timeframe with conventional buy sell signals, however I would like to rotate (cleanup) the portfolio at the end of every month.
The aim is to rotate out the dormant held stocks in the portfolio which have not triggered sell signals and replace them with the higher positionscore stocks - if any.
I have looked around on the forum for a similar scenarios and come across this one Merging rotational with non-rotational strategies with the following solution Merging rotational with non-rotational strategies
however it does not seem to meet my requirement.
I am after an understanding if this strategy for a hybrid rotational system with buy sell signals can be achieved.
Any suggestions with this would be appreciated.


Hi @rick,

With AmiBroker, almost anything is possible. It will require effort on your part.

As you read on the forum, you will see the best way to get help is to post your code.

As a suggestion, you could try building a "quasi-rotational" system by having your Sell be automatic for all items at the end of the month, then Buy your top 10 items.

As you work through this, you can use this as a rough backtest. It won't be an exact representation but it will be a good start for you.

Hope this helps.