I cannot install Amiquote 3.25 correctly

Nobody has problems with version 3.25 of Amiquote?
My PC has Win 10 64 bit, Amibroker 6.10 Pro 32 ed, Amiquote 3.24.
Even changing data servers had no problem.
I proceed to install version 3.25 of Amiquote and observe during it the window where the version appears.
Clicking on the Amiquote icon to open the application appears to me directly minimized in the taskbar, without being able to expand it and worse to make it operative.
Can anyone come up with a solution?
Thank you very much in advance.25Amiquote_Minim

You may have moved its window somewhere outside the screen. Close AmiQuote.
Open RegEdit, and delete this key (with all values):

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Thank you very much Tomasz, problem solved!!!
Best regards

An alternative is to make the program active using ALT+TAB or click on taskbar. Then type ALT+SPACEBAR and click ā€œvā€ Move (in english, if your language is diferent look for the letter in an other program). After doing that you can use the arrows or mouse to bring the window back to somewhere you can see it

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