I do not understand Backtester Position Value


Position Value on "5/18/20"(entry marked in blue) suddenly goes to "40,321.88" from a previous position value of "571,749".

Although profit for previous trade was "32,581.31" but it is not getting added properly to position value("571,749") resulting in an erroneous position value of "40,321.88".

Am I missing something here? Please help !! Thanks in advance !!

Read the manual - Position value is value of single open Position. It is not sum of anything.

@Tomasz : How does a backtester decides the postion value for a single stock? According to me if no other constraints are provided and fractional share buying is allowed , full portfolio value becomes the next single open Position value which is not happening in my case.

Portfolio value of "571,749" is not fully utilized , instead "40,321.88" is used to take a position. Please enlighten me if my understanding is wrong.

If you ran as advised in How do I debug my formula? in Detailed Log mode you would know

Or if you just searched the forum