I don't know how to use Bar Replay

Greetings Community. I'm trying to figure out how to use the Bar Replay feature to backtest my trading strategy, but I can't seem to make it function. Likely something super simple I'm overlooking. I'm connected to the IB real-time database and wish to replay in 1-min bars. Do I need to do something different to make this function (eg, download 1-min data from a different data source to make this work)? My current locale is Tokyo but the market I typically trade for now is the US markets, so I'm wondering if the time shift has a factor that's not allowing me to do this. Basically, I'm trying to choose the start and end times of the backtest data from the previous day but I press the play button and nothing happens. If I set the speed to 1 for example I see that it's running and the time frame is moving, but nothing is happening in terms of the main charting window repainting the candlesticks (ie. the candlesticks are still already on the chart). Any insight is greatly appreciated as always.

You have to set START DATE in the PAST because Bar Replay would only make difference if it is playing data that you already have. Leave "End" date unchanged (i.e. current).

There are literally zillions of videos sent by various people on the web showing how to use it in practice. Always google for anything you want to know using "amibroker + term you are looking for":



Ok Thanks for this Tomasz.....and apologies for the title I used in the original description.....indeed it's likely something I'm doing that is causing the bars not to propagate correctly.

Yes, of the videos online that are done decently, it seems simple to use, which is why I'm confused that it's not working for me. What I'm having trouble with is finding videos that replicate the problem I'm incurring, hence the call out to the community here.
I'm suspecting it has something to do with my database. Is it safe to assume that the bar reply is capable of working alongside Realtime data, or do I have to use separately downloaded (for example 1-minute) data. Currently I'm trying to use it with IBKR real time data. As always, appreciative of any and all insight.

Using the Replay Bar is very easy, as long as Charts and datafeeds work properly. Because the replay bar displays the actual Amibroker chart history

@Brossy post your own video on YouTube and then we will be able to help you. Without seeing your computer screen it is not possible to tell what you are doing incorrectly.

Hi @Tomasz. I'll try to do so once I have some spare time. Cheers !!

@Tomasz, with a recreation of my database, the issue has been resolved. The issue may have had something to do with how I originally set up the databases. Thanks again for all insight.

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