I finally did it!

OK so as ridiculous as it sounds I'm just going to post this right here to commemorate the fact that I just wrote my first code from beginning to end without asking anyone a single question about this one specifically...LOL. It may be simple, hell, it may even be useless, but I wrote it. After 6 months I have finally been able to figure something out without having to modify other people's stuff. I plan to try and expand on it and do some other things but thought I would post it here before I screw it up!!! And while I am at it, to those of you who have answered my never ending questions over the last few months, THANK YOU!

_SECTION_BEGIN("Initial Stop Level");

PP = Study("PP", GetChartID() );
SL8 = (PP-(PP*.08));

Plot(SL8, "SL Level", colorRed, styleLine, 0, 25, 0, 0, 1);


Congratulations! AFL is astoundingly powerful and you'll be shouting "Eureka!" on a regular basis as your skills improve.
May I suggest that you comment your code? It will help to cement your new understanding and greatly aid when you review this code one day in the future.



I will definitely do that,.