I have a 5.60 license. Where to download AmiBroker?


I have a version 5.60 pro license. I would like to download this version and activate it.
Is that possible ? the documentation says so but I can’t find old versions on the website.

From the member section:
AmiBroker Edition: Professional
Last purchased version: 5.60 (date: 2013-11-07 09:22:39)


AmiBroker 5.60 is really outdated and not supported, but If you purchased it on 2013-11-07, you should be able to use official release 6.00.1 (which is FREE for all users who purchased AmiBroker after May 31, 2013) which can be found here:

… and after installing 6.00.1 you might even be able to install a couple of next Beta versions.

Nevertheless I recommend renewing a license and updating to the newest version 6.20 official or 6.25 Beta, because TJ has implemented lots of really useful features in the latest releases.


… actually 6.00.2 is probably the latest official version available to you :

You need to email support from the email account you have used for registration to get any old versions.