I need more levels of fibonacci

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I came across that in Amibroker I am limited to only 10 levels of fibonacci, I need 17 in total, I always use the retraction with the projection!
at this time use: -11.8 / 0 / 11.8 / 23.6 / 38.2 / 50 / 61.8 / 76.4 / 100 / 111.8 / 141.4 / 161.8 / 200/261 .8 / 300 / 361.8 / 400

how could you apply this?
unfortunately I have needed to use ninjatrader8 for this, which allows adding levels indefinitely

thank you all!



Hello Iwanko,

You cannot enhance the "build-in" AB Fibo drawing tool to 17 levels.

Solution could be: Learn AFL, use for example gfxfunctions and develop your own "trading style".

regards, Peter

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Hi @Iwanko

I agree with @Pietro , what he said

But in this forum if you use search you will find a Fibonacci AFL code to do your job, it is very easy to add more levels

  1. this Fibonacci code use LineArray() function. read here

  2. and this Fibonacci code it is better as it use GFX* functions. read here.

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thanks for the help i will check later how to do it.

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I'm sorry, I'm new to the forum, I'll read the rules later and see how to do this. But thanks for letting me know!

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