I want to buy systems

Just hope to have advice on the best places to go to buy systems. E.G I know Nick radge offers. Any other places?
Looking for quality, quantity and cheap price but happy to pay

You don't think that's unrealistic?

You get what you pay for!

That's not a good mindset for successful trading!

Third Party Services


If pay is lower it is better

Cost does not always = value

Obviously willing to pay for quality ...

I clearly typed 'happy to pay'

Hello agsty,

you will lose, perhaps everything, if you are not able to understand every millimeter in your code and strategy. If your effort is only to pay for "the hottest shit", a blackbox, your chance to earn some money will go down to zero.
Think about, learn math, learn coding in AFL, use this forum, you will find everything to become a better trader. ... be patient ...

Best regards,


Don't waste your time. Most systems are overfitted. Take the high road. Amibroker is the tool to use.

Buy yourself a book

You will learn a lot from the book and it will be great basis / starting point to build the system you are comfortable with. It is essential to understand what you are doing. Either you choose to learn yourself, or market will teach you the hard way.


There are no known indicators that you can rely on in trading operations

Evidence when testing indicators give unsatisfactory results

Most indicators depend on reading historical prices

Some are late in giving entry signals, such as MACD

The relative strength index ( RSI) changes with the change of its period data

On the existing quantity of technical indicators, what is the best?

The best is your strategy

One of the most important things you must learn before using indicators or indicator software is to read the chart

Let your eyes get used to the price action

One of the most important data in the mathematical equations used in technical analysis is the opening - the highest - the lowest - the closing

I did not mention the trading volume why?

the trading volume consists of recycling processes, and sometimes it is unrealistic, but there are cases that must be paid attention to it

Your equations for indices depend on what was mentioned above, as well as on accurate historical data

before you buy a trading system, ask yourself a question.

If the trading system you want to buy is excellent. Does the owner of the system need to sell it?

The best way is to use logic and reason, then the auxiliary factors (indicators and strategies).

1- Get used to identifying the price movement pattern, including price movement, gaps and others

There is a playback feature in the AB program that you can set the time period and monitor the movement of the Japanese candlesticks or the movement of the price

Like select past 6 years to now and choose a good company such as Apple or Tesla or any of the companies that have continuous trading

While playing the playback clip, you will find that Apple prices have reached new highs, and then dropped

Here stop the playback clip and ask why Apple price or the prices of the companies in its group dropped

Here you search for the surrounding and influencing events

As Company news itself

Surrounding news such as interest rates, inflation and political conditions

For example, when prices fell, one of the reasons was the COVID-19, regardless of whether it was orchestrated or not, but it affected the companies' stock prices.

This is what is called ( Fundamental analysts )

And when the prices of companies returned back and rise up, what were influencing external factors?

And Now what are the influencing external factors?

Rely on logic and surrounding facts, then indicators

This is called a successful strategy

One of the most important things to know is the broker platform, and how to deal with it, also know the secret of the broker platform

For example, some brokers do not allow hedge trading

Even if it was not declared

Does anyone profit with currency companies, and I mean in general, I don't think so

Is there a way to profit with forex broker?

Yes, there is a way to break the forex program, and the intent here is not to hack the forex broker platform

But achieving profitability and avoiding losing your money so that the program cannot overcome your strategy.

If you rely on stop-loss with forex broker, you are definitely one of the losers, and you are one of their favorite clients at forex broker.

In fact, your money remains in the treasury of the forex company and gives the winner from the money of the loser

The platform or forex company program is designed for the client to lose

But as I said you can beat them

I used my grandfather google to translate from my language to English

@needhelp - your posts contains very questionable and simply untrue statements like "There are no known indicators that you can rely on in trading operations"

Surely you can rely on indicators when you know how they work and what they are used for. They are certainly not a magic bullet and holy grail, but complete denial of usefulness of any indicators is futile.

Late entry signals with MA? Of course. Any filtering involves delay, this is how physics/math work.
Should we then abandon all filtering? Obviously no.

RSI changes with change of period parameter? Obviously, because RSI is an oscillator (i.e. based on differences/deltas measured inside given period).

A car also changes its fuel consumption depending on speed. Does it make it useless? No.

There is no dilemma "price action" vs "indicators". Indicators are measuring price action.


Thanks Tomasz will have a look

This is what you think and believe, but I disagree with you
I did not say that it is not useful, but I said that it is not reliable
It is present in most trading programs
And if it is true, as you said, then you are the owner of the AMIBroker program. Why did you not program it as you think?
And reliable indicators were produced
You are proficient in the programming language and employed it in the correct way, and your project was produced according to the challenges you faced in the field of trading and you put advantages that other programs in the field of trading lack.
If the owners of other programs added to their programs the same features of AmiBroker, with their distinction in the forum of their program, what do you expect from clients of trading programs
You are a skilled programmer, but how are you in the field of medicine, aviation engineering, or other technical fields?
Of course, there is no doubt that the programmers have a variety of information, and the reason is that most areas of technology depend on programs

Sorry, but you just show that you completely don't understand how indicators work. They are not "less" or "more" reliable than price action. Indicators are just mathematical operations done on price action. They don't increase or decrease anything like 'reliability'.
Sum is a sum. It is mathematical operation. All indicators are just mathematical operations on input data, typically designed to perform either integration or derivative - so they are based on sums or differences in prices. That's all.

Saying that "+" or "-" is not reliable is total misunderstanding.

You are the subject of Dunning Kruger effect, sorry.

And FYI: all those mathematical transformations called "indicators" are widely used in medicine, aviation and ALL technical fields, but they are not called "indicators" there. They are called integration and derivative, low-pass, band-pass and high-pass filtering (FIR and IIR), All electronic devices use those, but you simply don't know that and you don't know that you don't know (lack of meta knowledge)


Thread is closed since it degenerated to spreading nonsense.