I want to Debug DLL in VS 2010,but can not run Broker.exe ,Why?

I put Debug DLL into E:\Amibroker64_Local\Plugins, also I set VS2010 debug attributes to
Command: E:\Amibroker64_Local\Broker.exe
Command Parameter :$(TargetFileName)FunName;
Working Directory : $(ProjectDir)

But I can not run Broker.exe, the vs debugger log shows
" “Broker.exe”: Loaded“E:\Amibroker64_Local\Broker.exe”,Cannot find or open the PDB file"

This warning means nothing. PDB file is program database file that you obviously will NOT have because it includes practically all debugging information with portions of source files and no software vendor will give you that. (Microsoft won't give you PDB for Windows OS files for example).

But broker.pdb is NOT needed for debugging your DLLs.

You only need debug information for your OWN DLL.

But real reason may be the version that you are using, but you did not write anything about it. If you want to debug you need to install version 6.10 as it is last that allows that.

My Amiboker is Version 6.20.1 ,.....So you means, it does not support debugging from VS DLL Project (Set DLL Project as Starting Program) and the solution is install Version 6.10 ?


As I wrote: to debug your DLLs you need 6.10

I install a new AB (Version 6.00) , it works! Thanks a lot !
But I do not understand why official doesn't allow this DLL debug ability since Version 6.20.1 ............
Without this how can we debug our dll source code?

You can debug your code in 6.10 or earlier. The changes that were done later are part of anti-piracy measures and protecting our intellectual property rights.