I want to make inhouse data plugin to pull data from database

hi all,

i am fetching ohlc data from zerodha and storing in sql database

i want to know how can i use that data in amibroker.

every one minute i will fetch ohlc data from zerodha store in database
i want this because third party dont give data for full market, they provide only for limited symbols

i am not a software programmer, but i know someone who can do the coding and prograaming for me.

regards and thanks in advance
nitin bagadia


Amibroker can connect to ODBC/SQL directly:


More guide here: http://www.amibroker.com/odbc.html


thanks a lot

will try this method

Hi, I wanted to know if it worked for you. I am getting some data as .csv files. Currently, I am using the ascii import manually, which is rather cumbersome and not automated. Tried to import the automation but that is not working. If u could share the success of ur method; maybe Ill try and shift to that model.

yes its working
right now i am pulling data from kite connect to sql

but this is 1 minute ohlc data
not real time

data gets updated every 1 minute

i am in process of developing real time data

hi bursware
i am facing problems with odbc

amibroker is hanging

i am only looking at 5 months 1 minute candles intraday data
it is also saying odbc sql timeout

can u suggest some other option

Hi @n_bagadia, I myself have not tried the feature yet. Maybe sometime in the future.

@n_bagadia I assume that you are familiar with SQL databases.

For this reason, I imagine that you have already excluded performance issues on the server side (long running queries and related timeouts) and that you know the steps to optimize the performance of your queries (and consequently how to modify some settings to avoid commands timeouts).

Database logs info and performance profiling/performance tuning tools could help a lot.

(Until now, in some explorations I used the ODBC AFL plugin, but only to request additional "fields" data, so my load is minimal and cannot be compared to 1-minute data to populate charts).

Excluding performance issues, the problem you see could be related to a disconnection that may happen when your connection has been idle for some time (no queries). For this, you could either experiment with a "keep alive strategy" or explore different settings for the ODBC Connection Pooling (this too has timeout settings) or directly with the database connection pooling (if supported by the SQL server you are using, and if it is possible to change such settings via the connection string).

To enable or disable ODBC connection pooling, open ODBC Data Source Administrator in the Administrative Tools folder of Control Panel. The Connection Pooling tab allows you to specify connection pooling parameters for each ODBC driver installed.

In general, Google is your best friend for this kind of issues!

Typical general-purpose SQL databases are way too slow for intraday data. This has been already explained many times, search the forum for SQL, SQL Database Question and Refresh from SQL Server tick database

can u please guide me how to make a data plugin using sql

i can get online quotes from kite connect in text file every second
also can get ohlc candle data every 1 minute

right now i am storing this in sql

let me make this clear that why do i need to be so adventorous :-:grinning: )
because data vendors are providing limited symbols

i require data for non derivative also, hence trying to make inhouse plugin or inhouse sql database

pleaseee guide

We are using third party .NET SDK for AmiBroker and need to link my personal database to the C# code file below:

I see we can only set string in the "DatabasePath" property.

Please advise how can I set MS SQL or Mongodb database to this file so the data will be fetched from my database directly.


We do not support third party .NET stuff.

hello !!!
Hello, I have written real time dataplugin for a while, using visual c++ 2017, the reference file is Amibroker official ADK
I believe you can write it soon.

Give you a personal suggestion, real time data plugin will have some real time system response speed to consider, so my approach is to directly supply Amibroker by data plugin, also by dataplugin to update sql server

Instead of the data source to update the sql server, then Amibroker to get the data from the sql server, so it is relatively simple, but the problem is more


can u suggest and help me how to do this ???

thanks in advance

You must carefully read the Amibroker official ADK file, the content of this file is enough to achieve the effect you want.

Hi Kuolong, can you tell me please where is the documentation to do that? I have difficulties there

the adk document is at offi web site


everything you need to know in the zip file

@gibran the documentation for the ADK is included in the ZIP file available for download from the Member's Zone that is accessible only to registered users of Amibroker.
If you are already a customer you should have received the information to access it.

By the way, I see that your account here in the community forum does not show yet the License Verified badge that is required to be allowed freely to post in this section of the forum.
I kindly suggest to go ahead and verify your status as soon as possible.

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