I want to save my Exploraration settings and layout as shown in image

Every time i need to do lots of exploration setting, please help me to save these setting so that my amibroker opens where i left it ...

Currently I dont think what you want is fully supported as of now. Exploration windows are not saved in Layouts feature.

What you can do is first save each exploration as APX file.
Next time you run AB, just open each APX file. You can even even use File > recent files menu to access them in single click.
After opening them, you can click menu windows > Tile horizontally and get this layout.

More complex way can be done using mouse programming discussed here
Analysis window and Fancy Zones - AmiBroker - AmiBroker Community Forum


Analysis windows are not part of chart layout. As @nsm51 restoring this layout requires 5 clicks (4x load MRU, then Tile).

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Thanks, Got it. It is vey helpful .

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