I would like to solve 2 problems about plotting signal on the charts as follows

  1. How do I plot signal on the chart concerning with order management. For example, as picture below I don't want to plot cover signals before short signals as the same way with I don't want to plot sell signal before buy signal. It doesn't make sense because in reality we cannot place cover or sell order before short or buy order. However, in backtest I use function ExRem eg.
	Buy = ExRem(Buy, Sell);
	Sell = ExRem(Sell, Buy);
	Short = ExRem(Short, Cover);
	Cover = ExRem(Cover, Short);

However, in plotting I don't know how to solve this problem. Please help me.....


  1. How do I stop reprinting signals on charts (as GIF file below).

Signal reprinting

Thank you.

Use same functions for plotting.