IB / Amibroker weekly's option trading - the New old question

I trade US stock option weekly’s. I use IB as my broker, plus Excel and ThinkOrSwim to find my trades. I have a reasonably new i9-11900H, 32.0 GB, Windows 11, 64-bit PC running 64-bit Amibroker.

I want to use Amibroker to replace my years of Excel and TOS. I believe Amibroker can analyze and send my trades to IB TWS and NOT execute them so I can verify the trades in TWS and execute them there.

If this proves to work as expected, I understand executing trades from Amibroker through IB is POSSIBLE. This is not my goal but something I wish to learn about and understand.

I have already set up Amibroker with the IB plugin and can get real-time data from IB (not EOD yet). I do not know if I can get the option chain weekly’s data from IB for the US stocks I wish to trade. Accessing US stock option weekly’s is essential. I am not opposed to an alternate data provider (IQFeef etc), however I prefer less, Amibroker and IB, rather than more, if it works.

I can probably code the logic needed. I have already coded and plotted my values in several charts, so I should be able to use those values in other code logic. Other steps may be challenging (ie. IBcontroller).


  1. Can I access IB weekly options data via IB plugin?
  2. Can I create my options trades in Amibroker, send them to TWS for review, then execute them manually from TWS? In other words, when I send the trades to IB will they show up in TWS Mosaic as if I entered them by hand. My hands make too many errors. I am happy to use the most stable version of TWS that can do this.
  3. Typically, I trade multiple instruments. Can multiple pending trades be sent to TWS in a batch?

Please point me in the right direction, other links and articles I can specifically reference.

If anything is unclear, please ask me. Although I can program and may understand some logic, I have nowhere near the skill level necessary to ask the more specific questions I may need answered.
Thank you for any insight and help!!

PS I have read through The "best" way to work with Amibroker and IBKR? and more. THANKS!!