IB Controller "Executions" logs

Could someone kindly point a newbie to the right location of the IB Controller logs. I have searched and no one seems to be mentioning the location of the files. I see some encrypted files in the JTS folder. Is this not readily available? I'd hate to try and recreate whats already being displayed by IB controller, but no way of importing/saving it to a file..
Thank you.

Hi @Tyke,
IB Controller has nothing to do with TWS, at the moment there's no trading log in IBC. But you can export transaction logs from TWS (depending on your config/language, path menu is something like Account > Journal > File > Export)

Thanks for the reply Alligator . I was actually referring to the “Executed” tab displayed by ib controller. Is that in a log somewhere.
And thanks for your suggestion I’ll give that a shot.

You should get that data too in the TWS log as pointed out by @alligator

Thanks Tomasz / Alligator.