IB Data Feed: Getting only 5 Days Stocks Chart

I am a newbie. Set up performed as per the "How to use AmiBroker with Interactive Brokers TWS" and http://www.amibroker.com/ib.html. The "CONN" light in the right bottom is green. I am able to download the data for NYSE, NASDQ & AMEX. But the Charts show only 5 days of data. Please assist.

Ram Bashyam

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@rambashyam you can change the backfill length clicking with the right button of the mouse on the green "CONN" area (or, as you called it, light).


Select more days but keep in mind that IB data fill is pretty slow and that there are some limitations: see these docs:


In general, it is better to stick to the minimum required; after the initial fill of your commonly used tickers, you better select a short backfill length.

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I have done the update, suggested by you. I have followed the second link. I was not aware of your first link about Amiquote. I had set up with IB plugin. Let me try the result. I assume that i need to do update.

By the way, the “days” when I did the right clock indicated “minimum" days.

Thanks very much.




Thanks again.