IB.dll and TickSize

Is there a technical reason why IB.dll cannot automatically fill in the TickSize information upon adding a new symbol?

You are aware that what TWS API calls "tick size" is NOT TickSize, aren't you?

TickSize in AmiBroker is a minimum price fluctuation for given security.

tickSize in TWS API is TRADE size (number of shares / contracts that changed hands during trade).

These two are totally different, unrelated things.

As to "technical reasons" - yes there are always only technical reasons.

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I was referring to TickSize, not trade tick size.

Does the MinTick field of the ContractDetails give this value for the security? If so, then would the IB.dll be able to set the "Tick size" field in the Information panel (which is the TickSize variable in AFL) upon the symbol's creation.

No it can't because non-quotation data can not be modified by plugin outside Configure call.