IB forex quotes

Hi all

Does anybody know why the IB FX quotes don't stream while the equity and futures do? I've tried BOTH forms of
Amibroker quotes, but nothing worked. Here's what I did

EUR.USD-IDEALPRO-CASH (I get the quote but not streaming)

then I tried this

EUR.USD-IDEAL-CASH (not working at all)



You need to use IDEALPRO only because this are actual FOREX quotes (https://ibkr.info/node/1460). IDEAL is only for exchanging account funds on your IB account, not for trading.

I just found out that the FX quotes must be CAPITALIZED. Otherwise, it won't stream. Is it by designed? I've tried all the FX pairs in lower case and nothing worked until I switched to upper case. Everything was fine then.

IB symbols are case sensitive. It is IB/TWS design, not ours.