IB Plug In - No data

Hi, I am exploring using my existing Interactive Brokers account to provide EOD UK stock data. I believe I have followed the steps in https://www.amibroker.com/guide/h_ib.html. The screen shots show I have attempted to configure RT data as per the instructions.

The API appears to be connected however no data is ever displayed and no symbols appear to be in my local database.

If I run Backfill Current, I get this error...

I have contacted IB technical support and they ran a remote session on my PC to try and help. They confirmed that I have appropriate data subscriptions. Here is a sample shot of current data I can access on TWS.

If I type a symbol into the chart in AB, no data is displayed. There appear to be no symbols in the new database either.

I've searched through the forum. This error is reported by a number of people which appear to relate to data subscriptions however as far as I and IB can see, I have correct subscriptions.

Any help would be appreciated.

Here are some configuration screen shots too...

database config...
AB4 ![AB5|311x500]

TWS API Config....

regards, Tim.

You are getting error message when trying to Backfill Current because there is no "CURRENT" symbol. In fact your entire database has NO symbols at all.

You have to ADD SYMBOL (Symbol->New) first.