IB Plugin for older versions of Amibroker

I am running an old version of Amibroker. I also understand that the IB Plugin is not released separately but when new version of Amibroker is released.

Since I do not have reason to update to newer versions of Amibroker, how do I make sure that I update the IB plugin when required

Thank you for you help if you can.

[IBController Guide all at One Place](IBController Guide all at One Place)

Thank you for you reply @Yogyatrader . I am not sure if your reply addresses my key question of how do I get updates to IB data Plugin.

According to @Tomasz IB plugin is not separately released but it is updated when a new version of Amibroker is released.

Since I do not need to upgrade to the latest Amibroker I am not sure if and how to update IB plugin only if and when IB Plugin needs to be upgraded.

Hopefully @Tomasz will see this and clarify what needs to be done to ensure IB plugin is always up-to-date for users who do not need to update their Amibroker software.

Are you facing any issue with IB Plugin ?.
perhaps not.
If you are facing any issue you can just put the right IB plugin to the Amibroker Plugin Folder.
It will work on any version.

If you facing issue then share with the error message with screenshot and Amibroker version.

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