IB Plugin - HMDS Error retrieving EUR bonds data

I'm trying to retrieve bonds LAST or CLOSE data from IB.
For USD bonds all is fine, but for EUR bond i retrieve the following error:

Following you can see two sample bonds:

i've seen that in IB Plugin i can choose only BID/ASK/MID, but on TWS i have only LAST data for EUR bonds.
There's a way to fix it ?
Thank you in advance

The message comes from TWS, not AmiBroker. The message may mean that either symbol is incorrect, or TWS does not deliver HISTORICAL data for given symbol. Make sure that symbol is correct: How to find correct IB symbol using TWS

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Thank you for answer.
Symbol is correct and i ve historical data for those symbols.
See also description:
The format should be the same.
I also triyed with ISIN, but without any success. I cannot retrieve EUR bond data.

In that case TWS simply does not have historical data for that symbol.

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i've historical data

I've just tryied with TWS DDE, and i can retrieve close prices in EUR.

Your own screenshot says "No historical market data available". Also you need to keep in mind that there is a difference between TWS chart and TWS API. Not everything is available from TWS API. Contact Interactive Brokers. We can't do anything with limitations of TWS API. It is Interactive Brokers' thing.

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