IB Symbol for Micro WTI Crude contract (MCL)

Does anyone know what the correct symbol configuration is for the MCL?

The IB description window for MCL is as follows:

Screenshot 2021-08-19 090934

I've tried the standard:


but am not getting any data from IB in AmiBroker. Does anyone know what the correct symbol is? Appreciate any help.

I was able to figure it out - the correct symbol was


When I was troubleshooting I was typing directly into the 'Full Name' field which I think confused Ami. I created a new symbol and everything works great.


I'm in the US, connected to a US IB data server and MCLV1-NYMEX-FUT works just fine. No need for the USD at the end. I promise you that it's 100% correct.

Now, you've got me on that Alias field. I don't use it. The Symbol field is the only one filled in my Information window

Appreciate it - yes, I was able to get it working. I use the alias field in my code - it does not impact the symbol on IB’s end.