IB TWS Index CFDs data feed

Hi All. I have tried multiple variations of the IB Index CFD's without success, i.e. for 'Germany 40' the symbol = IBDE40, exchange = SMART, security type = CFD, currency = EUR, therefore based on this it should be 'IBDE40-SMART-CFD-EUR'.
What am I missing, or is it simply that IB doesn't provide the data feed for index CFD's?
Thanks in advance.

you can use either IBDE40-!IBCFD-CFD-EUR or IBDE40-SMART-CFD-EUR tickers. But you must subscribe to specific data permissions too. Read IB Index CFDs - Facts and Q&A | IB Knowledge Base (bottom)


Thanks Alligator, wasn't aware had to still subscribe with it being a free fee etc, appreciated.

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