IBController to support Conditionals?

If there is demand from others, would you Tomasz, or other C++ programmers as IBController is open source, add suppot for conditionals?

It would involve using the latest IB API and adding new optional parameters to

such as PriceCondition and LessThan
plus possibly GreaterThan PercentageCondition, UnderlyingCondition

Latest IB API supports price conditions as per this link.

Reasons for this feature request:

  1. Ability to place limit orders in China before the market opens. Currently Shanghai and Shenzen limit orders get cancelled if they are more than 3% away from last price. The solution is to place a limit order with a condition to activate it when less than 3% from last price. I have done this manually in the past, using price conditions. Ex. If a stock trades at 15, I would have a limit order at 14 with price activation of the same stock at 14.01 or less.
  2. Ability to place limit orders in excess of buying power in non-margin accounts. Currently IRA and ESA type accounts can only place limit orders amounting to the available buying power. If I had a $100,000 IRA and was trading $25,000 positions I would be limited to 4 limit orders, even when I had 100 signals per day and my fill rate was low. I believe conditions would solve this limitation, but I have not confirmed this with IB.

It would be great to have this extension. Have you figured it out how? Is there anybody who has the solution for this?