IBD RS Capability

Hi all,

Not sure if this has been asked already. I am looking to see if Amibroker can let me create historical IBD RS data so I can do system testing. So basically there would be some kind of processes to read thru historical data day by data to create and store the RS value for each symbol. Then during system testing it can access the RS data as one of the attributes of EOD data.

If there are other ways to do the same I'd be glad to here.

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Yes you can import any data using ASCII importer, see

Thanks! How about creating data for historical days of each stock and store them in files for later retrieval?

@Beppe wrote already about this idea.


Wonderful! So I assume Amibroker has such functions to create and write to files. That’s so encouraging and speaks volumes. Thank you so much, WoodenShoes!