IBKR Plug-in Date and time

I am based in Europe (Berlin timezone) using Amibroker 6.39.1 and TWS build from May 10th.

My Date/Time settings in TWS are the ones of NYSE, so the market opens at 9:30 in my TWS and not at 15:30, which is my local time.

When Amibroker gets date and time data, it shows my local time and not the TWS time.
I corrected it by writting -6 in the "time shift" box of the intraday settings for the database.

In case i am misssing something, i would like to ask if there is a way to receive the data in New York time (which I thinkk, it should be what TWS sends back ).
The time difference gets reduced to 5 hours twice a year, in March and in October, for 3 weeks.

Would I have to change to "-5" during those periods or am i missing some config feature?

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P.D. These are my settings.

Generally the idea in many feeds is that you should use local time. If you want to use different time zone, you need to adjust manually.

In addition to Tomasz reply-I use a set of *.bat files to quickly switch between time zones.


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