IBKR plugin msg , timezone issue during backfill

Hi Im using IBKR plugin. My computer timezone is london.
When i try to backfill USA stocks like MSFT-NASDAQ i get below msg from plugin and backfill doesnt happen.

Please tell me if there is anything needs to be done like in amibroker/laptop timezone for the backfill.


hello keer2405,

please read this message carefully - Last message from TWS - . It results from TWS and it is a problem with your region/timezone settings in TWS not in Amibroker. So you have to setup these parameter correct in TWS.

  1. Setup TWS regiion/timezone correct

"Region" and "Time Zone" has to corespond exact with your MS Windows settings.

Login to TWS with your adjusted settings, apply and restart TWS to doublecheck ...

I am using latest stable version of TWS Build 10.19.2h, Dec 12, 2023.

Your connection state in Amibroker should be "green" NOT "blue".

Best regards,