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In September 2020, there are a new ICB structure, does anyone k how to update the structure built in Amibroker. Do you know if Thomas have issued any update?.

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Replace/edit icb.txt file.

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Thanks for your answer.

Dear Tomasz:
I have done as you indicated above, but I think it doesn´t work.
I have made a simple test. I have duplicated the "gics.txt" file and I have changed the name to "icb.txt".
When I open Amibroker, both structures are supposed to be the same but they are not.
The format of numbers and structures of folders and sub-folders are changed.
GICS mantains a structure XX-XX-XX-XX that ICB does not maintain.
Before making this test I tried to change it directly in the "icb.txt" file but I doesn´t work too.
It is as if internally the Amibroker understands that the GICS classification is based on an 8-number code while the ICB classification should be based on a 4-number code.
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Its four-tier structure offers a robust system for comparing and analyzing like-organizations.

In AmiBroker ICB is encoded using 32 bit integers: 8 bits per tier. With 8 bits per tier you can have 256 categories in each tier.
|Tier1 (8bits)|Tier2 (8bits)|Tier3 (8bits)|Tier4 (8bits)|

Hello again Tomasz:
I know the new ICB structure, it is similar to GICS structure.
The problem is when you edit the new "icb.txt" file.
This file shoul be something like:

10; Technology; (Description)
1010; Technology; (Description)
101010; Software and Computer Services; (Description)
10101010; Computer Services; (Description)
10101015; Software; (Description)
10101020; Consumer Digital Services; (Description)
15; Telecommunications; (Description)
1510; Telecommunications; (Description)
151010; Telecommunications Equipment; (Description)
15101010; Telecommunications Equipment; (Description)
65; Utilities; (Description)
6510; Utilities; (Description)
651010; Electricity; (Description)
651020; Gas, Water and Multi-utilities; (Description)
651030; Waste and Disposal Services; (Description)
65103035; Waste and Disposal Services; (Description)

I meant that when you generate the "icb.txt" file in this way, it doesn´t work. The structure of numbers, folders and subfolders it not maintained when you open the folder in the "category tree" window.

Best regards.

Yes I realize that. Internally it is all OK, but AmiBroker expects icb.txt file in the "old" format that is why you can't get it interpreted correctly. This ICB change would need to be addressed in next version.

Ok. Thank you very much.
I`ll wait for next vesion.
Best regards.

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